Tomorrow's Men is a groundbreaking dance organisation. Established by Jeanefer Jean-Charles it aims to encourage the engagement of boys and young men in society, at every level. The intention is to support young men build better relationships.

Are you working with groups of young men whose communication skills could be improved?

Tomorrow's Men can help by involving them in one of three types of dance project activities, depending on age. The benefits of involvement in these dance projects are numerous: boys will have the tools to transform and empower themselves, and build on this positive creative dance experience, taking it into their daily lives and social interactions, and inspiring themselves and others by expressing themselves creatively.

In these days of negative media coverage of young people, boys especially need positive, supportive role models to counteract media stereotyping. Dance and theatre, if conveyed in an effective way, can transform and empower them.

The work of Tomorrow's Men enables boys to interact and work alongside their peers, father figures, and people in authority to create meaningful work.